Welcome to Kribi - Kribi the Mermaid City

Welcome to a first-class seaside town, second to none, with its beautiful sandy beaches.


Kribi is the headquarters of the Ocean Division (Cameroon is divided into zones or divisions), in the southern region of Cameroon. About 6 km from the centre, the first image you get is an endless expanse of water.

This is the introduction to the hottest beach town in Cameroon, a tourist site popular with many African and European (French) tourists.

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A new concession contract was signed for the development, operation and maintenance of the Kribi Multipurpose Terminal (KMT) in Cameroon.

Concession awarded for the management of Kribi Port - It will be the Filipinos of the International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) to manage for the next 25 years port operations at the multi-functional terminal at the port of Kribi in Cameroon.

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The autonomous port of Kribi on trade mission in the Central African Republic

Autonomous Port of Kribi in Central African Republic Trade Mission

Business in Central Africa - Cameroon - A delegation from the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK), in southern Cameroon, recently went to Bangui, Capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), to meet with the Central African Shippers Council (CCAC).

During two days, the PAK informs, the two sides exchanged views on a number of issues of common interest. At the end of the work, four consensual areas of cooperation were identified:

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Port of Kribi: selection of 1,000 people to work in the appliance factory starts

DEVELOPMENT IN CENTRAL AFRICA: 1,000 jobs in sight in a project to build an electrical appliance production plant in the port of Kribi

At the entrance to Mboro, the port of Kribi in deep water in the southern region of Cameroon, earthworks are underway on an area of 20 hectares. At this site located a stone's throw from the Kribi-Lolable highway, the electrical and air conditioning equipment industrial company (Sicamec) will start construction work on a production and assembly plant in early 2020. refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. This investment is officially estimated at FCFA 45 billion.

On 21 August 2019, the CEO of this Cameroonian company, Alkis Bruno Domyou Noubi (photo), Alkis Bruno Domyou Noubi signed with the general manager of the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK), Patrice Melom, the agreement for the establishment of the future Sicamec plant in the industrial zone of the deep-water port of Kribi. " This is the first time that we sign such an agreement with a completely Cameroonian company ', says Patrice Melom.

In addition to being the first company with Cameroonian capital to obtain a settlement agreement in the industrial zone of the port of Kribi, Sicamec is also the bearer of the project that, for the time being, will have the greatest impact in terms of job creation. Indeed, thanks to its plant with a production capacity of 15,000 units per month (5000 air conditioners, 5000 refrigerators and 5000 freezers), this company intends to create 1000 direct jobs.

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The Port of Antwerp competes with nine multinationals to operate the multipurpose terminal at the Port of Kribi in two years

Cameroon Port of Antwerp competes with nine multinationals to manage the multipurpose terminal at the Port of KribiInvesting in Cameroon - Kribi - Competition between the companies will get tough over the next two years to win the management of the port of Ktribi in Cameroon.

Necotrans, the French company was declared unwelcome in 2017 by the Cameroonian authorities to operate the multipurpose terminal at the port of Kribi.

The port authority has just published a list of companies that pre-qualified before the deadline.

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Twinning between the port of Taranto and Kribi

Floriana de Gennaro motion municipality of taranto for twinning with kribiOn 3 July, the city councillor sent Floriana de Gennaro a motion to the municipality of Taranto concerning a twinning between the port of Kribi (Cameroon) and that of Taranto.

Kribi is a coastal town in the Republic of Cameroon where the largest and most modern deep-water port in Central Africa opened this year.

The singular proposal, in the form of a motion that the Independent Group for Taranto submitted to the municipality.

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Cameroon strengthens Italian investments in fisheries project 15 mln euro

15 mln euro fishing investment in cameroon piceno promotion kribi port

Investing in Central Africa - A press conference was held today, attended by the Cameroonian entrepreneur Yves Tchoumkeupresident of Rossoblu Cam, who stated:

"I reside and live in Italy, but I wanted to invest in my country and in a sector that is booming," he explained, who commissioned the plant. "The importance of fishing and the processing of fish products will be one of the drivers of development and with consequent advantages for distribution and especially from a health point of view, initially in Cameroon and the CEMAC countries and later in the European Union.

Rolando Rosetti, president of Piceno Promozione, the special company of the Chamber of Commerce, who presented the project this afternoon in the presence of the partners who contributed to its realisation.

"As an entrepreneur from Piceno, I am proud of the contribution of several companies from our province to the construction of a plant in Cameroon for processing fresh fish and marketing it.

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Trump's Kribi port 'will open bright prospects' - Central Africa

The President of the United States on 31 December 2017 indicated that the operation of the port of Kribi in Central Africa 'will open up bright prospects', which prompted the General Manager to respond to an interview in the Cameroonian newspaper, Mutation. According to the General Manager, everything is ready to host ...

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