Documents required for entry into Cameroon

Entry visarequired, to be obtained from the Embassy and/or the Honorary Consulates of Cameroon present in Italy or through travel agencies.


The visa entry permit for Cameroon is issued by the Consulate, following the submission of a special application, drawn up on a pre-printed FORM that can be downloaded hereaccompanied by the following documents:

- Passportwhich has at least three free pages, valid for at least six months and in any case twice the period of validity of the visa, and invitation letter.

- 2 passport-size photographs;

- Vaccination booklet against yellow fever or a medical certificate stating the reason for the exemption. The aforementioned booklet is not necessary for the issuance of a visa but you must have it when you leave for Cameroon.

So in summary, the documents needed to obtain a visa are :

  • Passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • Return ticket
  • Invitation from a person or local authority,
  • Be in possession of a hotel reservation.
  • An international vaccination certificate proving vaccination against yellow fever is also required (see next point).

For any changes to the regulations concerning the required residual validity of the passport, it is advisable to inquire in advance at the Embassy or the Consulate of Cameroon present in Italy or with your travel agent.

Travel abroad by minors
Please consult The Insight: 'Before leaving - documents for foreign travel by minors'. .


Currency and customs formalitiesThere are severe restrictions on the export of local currency. When leaving the country, it is compulsory to report all local handicrafts that can be exported to the relevant airport office upon payment of a tax per handicraft. The euro can be exchanged for local currency in exchange shops in the city centre and in the main hotels. Credit cards are only accepted in luxury hotels and major supermarket chains.

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