Terms and conditions of use of the Site
The purpose of the aedic.eu website (hereinafter, for brevitỳ, also the "Site") is to assist the user in viewing the information made available and in researching the services offered by the AEDIC association, Yaoundè head office Eulaca district, Republic of Cameroon, Central Region, Post Code 31374, Mr Louis Michel Nekam in charge. .

In the context of this document (hereinafter also referred to as the "Terms"), the term "visitors" (hereinafter also referred to as "Users" or, individually, the "User") refers to any person who accesses the Site and/or uses it with or without the permission of the consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia e ciò̀ regardless of whether they are registered to the Site or registered to a service offered through the Site.

Acceptance of the Conditions
By accessing the Site, by consulting and/or acquiring its contents and/or services (by reading, downloading or other procedure), by uploading information and/or materials and/or by any other use of the Site itself and its contents, the User accepts and undertakes to comply with these Conditions without any modification, as well aś to comply with all applicable legal provisions.

Where further conditions, rules, guidelines, codes of conduct or instructions for the User are contained within the Site or in any part thereof, the User also undertakes to comply with them.
In the event that the User does not approve even one of these Terms (or of the additional rules, instructions, prescriptions, etc. on the Site), the same shall not be authorised to access and use the Site.

Access to the Site. Restrictions and Liability
Access to the Site and/or its contents/services may be limited by the AEDIC association to a maximum number of accesses and/or to a set duration within a certain time frame. This Website or certain parts of it may present content intended only for adults. In order to access this content and to activate it, the User must be at least 18 years of agè. Each User who accesses the Site (with or without registering to the Site itself and/or to an individual service) will be held responsible not only for controlling possible access by minors, but also for deciding which contents and services are suitable or not suitable for them.

User Registration
In order to allow the User to access and use certain resources, i.e. the contents and/or services present on the Site or to upload materials and/or send communications through the link to the Site, the User may be required to register or to provide certain personal data and/or information.

The User undertakes to provide complete, up-to-date and truthful data and information, and to notify the AEDIC association of any changes in the data and information provided. AEDIC Association, however, reserves the right to refuse and/or inhibit the User - at its sole discretion and discretion - from accessing the Website, registering and/or, in any case, from using the resources, contents and services available therein, as well aś the right to revoke, interrupt or suspend any "Account" created in favour of the User.

Contents and services
If you wish to use, receive or download contents, materials or services (possibly also for a fee) where available on the Site or through the link to the Site itself (e.g. If the User wishes to use, receive or download contents, materials or services (possibly even for a fee) available on the Website or through a link to the Website (e.g. sounds, images, videos, etc.), the User must first check and guarantee, assuming all responsibility in this regard, that the access and/or reception devices used support the access/reception (download) or transmission procedure and are compatible with the format of the contents, materials or services available on or through the Website (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, also referred to as the "Contents").

Once the access/receipt (download) and/or transmission of the Content has taken place, it will no longer be possible for the User:

save and/or use the Content by means of media and/or tools other than those used for accessing/receiving, processing or modifying the Content;
request reimbursement of any consideration paid in advance;
copy, distribute or forward the Content to third parties;
allow third parties access to the Content.
Authentication credentials. Account data
The User is responsible for the secrecy of his/her authentication credentials (ID, Password, etc.) that he/she may have been granted and, in any case, of all the data necessary to access and/or use the Site. The User is alsò responsible for all activities̀ that take place through the use of his/her Account.

The User is obliged to notify AEDIC immediately of any unauthorised use of his/her Account.
In the event of disclosure to third parties and, in any case, of unlawful use of authentication credentials, Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia maỳ proceed at any time to suspend, terminate or cancel the registration, Account and, in any case, inhibit the User's access to the Site.

Changes to the Site and Conditions
The consultancy firm Insieme Italia Serbia may at any time - at its own discretion and without any obligation to provide prior notice to the User - make any changes, additions and/or updates that it deems necessary and/or simply appropriate to the Site, to the Contents, to the programmes and/or to the other materials contained in and/or available through the Site, including these Terms.

Any amendment and/or update of these Terms (and/or of the other terms and conditions that may be contained in the Website) may be communicated by Insieme Italia Serbia to the User through publication on this Website or through other means of communication. Any User who accesses the Site after the changes and/or updates have been published on the Site itself or otherwise communicated, will accept them and will remain bound by them from the date of publication and/or communication of the changes and/or updates, even if the User has not viewed the web page on which they were published.

Use of the Site. Prohibitions
The AEDIC association grants the User a right limited exclusively to accessing and using the Site for personal and non-commercial use and, in any case, in full respect of all the rights of the AEDIC association and/or third parties (including copyrights, industrial property rights, copyrights, etc.) relating to the Contents, information and/or materials present and/or available through the Site.

The User is therefore expressly forbidden, by way of example only:

the use of the Site and its Contents for purposes and/or purposes other than those mentioned above and, in particular, for uses and/or purposes of a commercial nature;
any use of the Site and its Content that is not expressly permitted under these Terms and/or the specific terms and conditions contained in the Site from time to time, including, without limitation, the acquisition (downloading), making changes, communication, distribution, transmission, copying, duplication, publication of the content present on and/or obtainable through the Site including personal data, information, graphics, images, photographs sketches, descriptions, collections of text, video, audio, music and sound, utilities, software and collections of software, drivers and other ancillary programs, the content of newsletters sent by e-mail or similar communications as transmitted by or on behalf of AEDIC association, as well aś all other Site Content prepared and/or transmitted directly by AEDIC association, by companies related to AEDIC association or their suppliers of products and/or services;
the derivative use of the Site or its contents (e.g. framing), as well aś any use of the Site's contents on another Site, server or networked computer environment;
misuse of any existing forms (forms) on this website by sending e-mails with content that in any way violates applicable laws. It is also forbidden to use the same form to send outrageous or undignified messages that are in any way related or linked to this website or the AEDIC association;
the use of the e-mail address given on this site (also via links) for the purposes of spamming or in violation of the applicable national and international laws on the protection of privacy;
the transfer, even free of charge, to others of the e-mail address given on this website for spamming purposes;
the use of the Site or its Content in violation of any applicable law or, in any event, any use capable of causing damage to the Site (including the interruption or limitation of the Site or its contents and services);
accessing or attempting to access without authorisation any part and/or content of the Site or the Accounts of other Users or computer networks or systems connected to the Site;
the collection or attempted collection of information and/or personal data on third parties via the Site.
The right̀ is granted, subject to prior written authorisation, to insert links to this website in third party sites. However, it is forbidden to insert links, or any other type of reference to the pages of the aedic.eu domain or other domains of the AEDIC association in third party sites that incite violence or racial discrimination, or that have erotic or immoral content, or that violate national or international laws.

Copyright protection
All rights to the Content present on the Site or available through it are reserved to Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia in accordance with current legislation. As a result of accessing and using the Site, Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia does not grant (and the User does not acquire) any rights to the Content viewed, acquired and/or used by the User. The content and materials on the Site, including their selection and arrangement, are the propertỳ of AEDIC and are protected by law and, in particular, by current copyright and industrial property laws.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Copyright, the texts of official acts of the State and Public Administrations, both Italian and foreign, are not covered by copyright. In this specific case, the right whose respect is requested with the "confidential reproduction" is that relating to the graphic elaboration of these texts and/or the relative manner̀ of presentation.

All software that can be downloaded on or from the "download" page of this website and the related trade names are the exclusive propertỳ of the authorised parties. Please refer to their respective user licences, instructions and legal notices. The authorization to access and use the Site (limited to the above-mentioned purposes and aims) is expressly subject to the User's acknowledgement, respect and protection of any notice, warning and/or prescription regarding the protection of copyrights, the protection of industrial property (patents, trademarks and/or other distinctive signs of Insieme Italia Serbia or of third parties) and, in any case, of any other right concerning the protection in any form of the Site Contents.

The User does not acquire ownership̀ and/or, in any case, any rights over e-mail addresses, URLs or other personal identifiers assigned to him/her by the AEDIC association or chosen by the User himself/herself for the purpose of being able to access the content available through the Site. The User's limited rights regarding the use of the aforementioned addresses/personal identifiers will be valid as long as the registration or Account created by or for the User for the purpose of accessing the Site or its Contents is valid. At the end of the validity period of the registration or Account, Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia will be free to revoke, interrupt and/or suspend the use of your personal addresses/identification codes or to assign them to another User at its sole discretion.

Reproduction of the materials contained within the site, by any analogue or digital means, is not permitted without the written consent of the AEDIC association Any form of fraudulent use and/or use or copying of the content of this domain, including by means of so-called spamming techniques (e.g. spam-engine), is prohibited and will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws in force pro tempore.

Trademarks and distinctive signs
The name AEDIC Association and its logo depicted on the website are trademarks owned̀ and/or used by the AEDIC Association. Any other trademark, name, sign, logo, product or model name and derivative thereof that describes products or services of the AEDIC association or that contains the word "of the AEDIC association" and that is included in the contents of the Site is a registered trademark and/or otherwise owned̀ and used by the AEDIC association.

Other product or company names or distinctive signs used on the Site may be registered trademarks and/or otherwise belong to their respective owners. It is expressly forbidden for the User to use in any way and in any form the trademarks and distinctive signs of the consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia or of third parties present on the Site or acquired through the same.

The Site, graphics and texts are subject to protection and all rights are reserved by the AEDIC association or the legitimate third party owners.
All documentation published on the Site is protected by property rights̀, in accordancè with applicable copyright laws. The documentation, images, fonts, graphics, software and other content of the site, as well aś the presentation and processing thereof, all codes and format scripts used to implement the site, are the propertỳ and/or exclusive use of the AEDIC association and are protected by applicable laws.

Access to the site does not give the user the right to appropriate, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, in any form, even partial, the information contained therein, without the express written authorisation of the Insieme Italia Serbia consultancy studio and/or the third party owner of the relevant exploitation and/or reproduction rights.

A special monitoring service will report̀ plagiarism and violations of this specific point and inform us̀ directly.

Information and materials transmitted by the User (Upload). Prohibitions and limitations.
The information, content and materials inserted or sent by the User to or through the Site (hereinafter, the "User Materials") are subject to the requirements indicated below. User Materials shall mean all information, content and/or materials transmitted or transferable to Insieme Italia Serbia or to third parties (including other Users) through the Site or inserted or uploaded by a User on the Site or on other IT tools connected to it. User Materials include, but are not limited to, photographs, videos and other types of images, sound material, graphics, document or data files, information referring to individuals or other types of information, messages, e-mail or other communications, files, texts, opinions and other information.
By uploading User Materials to the Site or transmitting or making them available to the consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia or to third parties, the User grants AEDIC a right of use, including for commercial purposes, unlimited in time, free of charge, irrevocable and non-exclusive. This right includes, by way of example, copying, sub-licensing, reproducing, modifying, adapting, publishing, translating, publicly performing, displaying and distributing the User Materials, as well aś their incorporation (in whole or in part) in any form, by any means or with any technology, whether already known or developed in the future.

The aforesaid provisions do not apply to the User's personal data, which will be processed in compliance with the applicable legislation on the processing of personal data in the manner and for the purposes set out in the information notices specifically prepared for this purpose and present on the Site.

The User is expressly prohibited from activities such as, but not limited to, uploading, communicating, transmitting and/or publishing on or through the Site:

information and material with sexual, pornographic, blasphemous, defamatory, deceptive, vulgar, obscene or offensive content;
insults, insults or threats;
content and material concerning violent acts, abuse, child pornography or the sale, distribution or promotion of weapons or drugs;
content and material relating to advertising̀, market research and prize competitions;
pyramid or chain communications (so-called St. Anthony chains);
fraudulent or criminal offers;
music files, software, images (still or moving), literary, artistic or other content and material protected by applicable law (including copyright law) unless the User is the owner of the exclusive rights to such content and/or material or has received all necessary authorisations for the use thereof;
content and/or material of any kind that contains personal or confidential information of third parties, whether natural or legal persons, including telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, account numbers of other Users, passwords and financial information with the exception of personal information transmitted by the User and relating to the User for the purpose of registering on the Site or opening an Account;
of computer programs, files and other material with destructive or disruptive features such as viruses, manipulated files and, in general, any other element capable of affecting or disrupting the integritỳ or functionalitỳ or online communication of the Site.
In case of violation (or mere suspicion of violation) of the aforementioned provisions, Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or cancel the User's access to the Site or to the relevant Account, as well as to prevent access to or use of the relevant Content, without prejudice to the right̀ to forward the User's Materials in question to the competent Authorities̀ for the relevant determinations.

The AEDIC association nevertheless reserves the right to prohibit and/or prevent the transmission, distribution, dissemination, uploading, presentation or storage on or through the Site, as well aś the right to remove from the Site itself, all such User Materials that the AEDIC association itself deems inadmissible, inappropriate and/or simply objectionable based on its own, exclusive and discretionary evaluation.

Liabilitỳ regarding use of the Site
L’Utente assume su di sé ogni responsabilità̀ per eventuali danni correlati, conseguenti e/o connessi alla tipologia, alle caratteristiche e/o alla compatibilità̀ dell’equipaggiamento hardware e software utilizzato per l’accesso e l’utilizzo del Sito e per il pagamento dei canoni telefonici e altri canoni di rete necessari all’accesso al Sito, all’utilizzo del medesimo e alla fruizione dei relativi Contenuti. I testi, le informazioni, i materiali e gli altri contenuti pubblicati o accessibili attraverso il Sito hanno scopo puramente informativo e non rivestono carattere di ufficialità̀, salvo il caso di diversa indicazione al riguardo all’interno del Sito stesso. L’Utente, inoltre, assume su di sé ogni responsabilità̀ civile, penale ed amministrativa derivante, conseguente e/o connessa ai danni eventualmente derivati a persone (ivi compresi Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia e lo stesso Utente) e/o cose per effetto dell’accesso al Sito e/o dell’uso dei Contenuti presenti e/o accessibili attraverso il Sito stesso (ivi compresi quelli messi a disposizione o trasmessi da altri Utenti o da terzi anche tramite link, collegamenti, ecc..), per l’utilizzo dei servizi eventualmente offerti o messi a disposizione da terzi (anche tramite link o altri collegamenti al Sito), nonché́ per l’utilizzo non autorizzato, non conforme e/o illecito dei servizi eventualmente messi a disposizione dalLo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia.

The User therefore expressly exonerates AEDIC from any responsibilitỳ for any damage - of whatever nature - that may be caused and/or derived to him/herself, to the tools used to access the Site (hardware and software, even if owned by third parties), to third parties (including - by way of example but not limited to - other Users of the Site, those who access the Site using the User's Account in an unauthorised manner, third parties who have activated links or other connections, etc.), as well aś for any damage caused and/or derived to the Site itself.The User agrees, however, to indemnify and hold harmless Lo studio di consulenza Insieme Italia Serbia and its staff from any and all claims, actions, reasons and/or requests made by anyone for any reason whatsoever, for injuries, accidents and/or damages (including those caused to the Site itself) resulting from, consequent to and/or connected to the access and/or use of the Site, as well as to the Contents available through the Site.

In particular, the User will be solely responsible (and will therefore be required to indemnify and hold harmless the consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia) for all damages that may be caused to anyone (including the AEDIC association and the User himself/herself) by:

the use, uploading, transmission and/or utilisation of information, materials and/or content originating from the User (User Materials);
unauthorised access (including by minors) to the Site, the Account and/or areas reserved for the User;
the automatic forwarding and/or dissemination of communications and/or viruses or other invasive or destructive computer programmes both to the Site and to the computer equipment of third parties.
The documentation and related graphics published on this website may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. In particular, the preparation of the texts, even if scrupulously cared for, cannot̀ entail specific liabilitỳ for errors or inaccuracies. The above information is subject to change from time to time. The AEDIC Association maỳ make improvements or changes to the documentation at any time.

Under no circumstances shall the AEDIC association be held liable for any damages caused by the User to third parties as a result of incorrect, unauthorised and/or unlawful access and/or use of the Website, as well as̀ from access and/or use of the Contents available through the Website itself. Neither the AEDIC association nor anyone acting on its behalf shall be held liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages or for any other damages of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the Website or the information it contains, nor shall they be liable for the use that others may make of it.

The AEDIC Association makes no representations as to the adequacy of the information contained in this website. It should be noted that with regard to possible regulatory references that may be contained on the website, the national and Community legislation published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic and in the Official Journal of the European Communities and/or official acts of the issuing Bodies are the only authentic sources.

The Site and its Content are made available according to the qualitative and quantitative characteristics decided by the AEDIC association. The AEDIC association therefore provides no guarantees in this respect:

the suitability and accessibilitỳ of the Site by the User or the availabilitỳ thereof for use in any location;
the absence of computer viruses or other harmful programs, components and elements from the Site and/or the servers hosting it;
the correctness and/or updating of any text, information and/or statement contained on or accessible through the Site;
the constant and uninterrupted availabilitỳ of the Site Content.
The consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia does not guarantee, and shall not be held liable for, any loss, deletion, deletion or failure to transmit and/or deliver to the recipient any content, material and/or information inserted, uploaded or transmitted through the Site, regardless of whether this is due to malfunction, computer virus, access by unauthorised third parties or otherwise.

Links to and from the Site
The User is expressly prohibited from making any kind of electronic, computer and/or telematic link (e.g. hypertext link) to or from the Site without the express authorisation of the AEDIC association. The AEDIC association or third parties (with the authorisation of the AEDIC association) may make or establish links to or from this Site (to or from other sites or resources on the Internet managed by third parties). The establishment of the aforementioned links will not implỳ under any circumstances the acceptance or approval by the AEDIC association of other sites or their contents, nor the existence of any economic/legal link with the relevant third party operator. The User's acceptance of a link on the Site to any other external site is at the exclusive risk and under the exclusive responsibilitỳ of the User.

AEDIC assumes no responsibilitỳ for any damage caused to the User and/or third parties as a result of links to external sites and resources or access to their content, materials and services. The consulting firm Insieme Italia Serbia also assumes no responsibilitỳ for the accuracy, timeliness, legalitỳ or decency of the content, materials and information present or available on the linked sites and external resources.

Availabilitỳ and revocation of access to and use of the Site
AEDIC reserves the right to interrupt, suspend and/or revoke - at any time and by virtuè of its unquestionable and discretionary decision - access to and use of the Site or the relevant Account by the User or all Users.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
Cameroon law is applicable to these Conditions. Any dispute concerning these Terms and Conditions (or any other terms and conditions on the Site, including those relating to their validity, effectiveness, interpretation and/or execution shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Younde in the Republic of Cameroon, with express exclusion of any other judicial authoritỳ.

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