Investing in Cameroon

Why invest in Cameroon?

There are at least 10 good reasons for this:

  1. Tax exemption for 5/10 years
  2. Strategic location in Central Africa
  3. potential market of over 600,000 people
  4. Duty exemption in CEMAC area
  5. Cameroon's population increased from 7 to 24 million
  6. The banking system developed and relies on banks with an international reach
  7. Investment-friendly legislation
  8. Excellent relations between Italy and Cameroon
  9. Excellent cultural and educational level of staff
  10. Unlike other countries, Cameroon has enjoyed a climate of peace for over 40 years

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Information and Institutional Collaboration

At the request of its members, AEDIC provides information, clarifications and opinions on the above-mentioned matters and collaborates with government bodies and public administrations in the formation of measures and regulations affecting trade between the countries concerned

Cultural and economic exchange

The association facilitates direct contacts and cooperation and exchange relations between entrepreneurs from the two countries
AEDIC supports and promotes international cooperation projects and
promotes in-depth events and training courses to improve knowledge of the two countries through associates

You have the support of interpreters, lawyers, accountants

We will provide you with information on the economic sectors of greatest interest to your business, on laws governing foreign trade, on currency and customs matters, as well as on commercial, industrial, administrative and financial legislation

Consulting, intermediation and accompaniment

AEDIC aims to intensify commercial, financial, cultural and economic and technical cooperation relations between Italian and Cameroonian companies in the sectors of industry, commerce, handicrafts, agriculture, auxiliary activities and the tertiary sector.

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Our on-site team has contacts with local institutions and entrepreneurs

The aim of our association is to facilitate direct contacts and cooperation and exchange between entrepreneurs from the two countries;

Another aim is to collect and disseminate, through its own communication tools or through publications, information concerning the economic, cultural and social life of the countries concerned in order to promote the expansion of relations between Italy and Cameroon

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