Trump's Kribi port 'will open bright prospects' - Central Africa

It was the President of the United States on 31 December 2017 who indicated that the operation of the port of Kribi in Central Africa 'will open up bright prospects', which prompted the CEO to respond to an interview in the Cameroonian newspaper, Mutation.

According to the General Manager, everything is ready to host this year:

"However, this year we expect to host hundreds of ships on a regular basis. "

Partice Melom, general manager of Kribi Port, said.

port of kribi cameroon africa centralAn opinion that Mr Christian Penda Ekoka, Technical Adviser to the Presidency of the Republic, does not share. He states that the port of Kribi serves only as the absorption capacity of a country or region. Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic each have a capacity of 11 million tonnes. which implies that the port of Douala already satisfy 10 million tons. so the port of Kribi would have been created just to satisfy 1 million tones.

The situation in Chad and the Central African Republic in Benin, Sudan has been weakened by the failure of the Chadian authorities in Chad, where almost 50% of Chad's imports are obtained. It has been under construction for the past two years since the construction of the infrastructure of the Cameroonian authorities, the Director General stated that it is a priority due to lack of activity. It could be inferred that the Cameroonian government borrowed large sums of money to build infrastructure that was damaged because it was not used.

As for the Kribi industrial zone, the Director General stated that

'the development of an industrialised area has not been achieved',

an opinion shared by Christian Penda Ekoka, who explains that the development of an industrial zone was the result of an agreement with Rio Tinto, which withdrew from the project.


Pendo Ekoka added that

"if Cameroon had just invested the 10%, of the money spent on the port of Kribi, in the port of Tiko, Limbe and Douala, it should have been more profitable and should have had a direct impact on our economy".

What is certain is that the port of Kribi is the most modern and most important facility in the whole of Central Africa. If you are interested in investing in the Port of Kribi, we can accompany you to:

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