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The President of the Commonwealth Business Council is expected in Douala

Accompanied by the Commonwealth-approved business network, Lord Jonathan Peter Marland will meet the business community in Douala on 12 October 2022. After several successive hearings with the Prime Minister and some members of government (Minepat, Mincommerce, Minpmeesa, Minfi, Minsanté, Minesec, Mintransport etc.), Lord Jonathan Peter Marland, ...

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Actors supporting innovation throughout the enterprise life cycle

Which actors support an innovation phase for your company? First of all, we need to define an innovation ecosystem even more precisely, referring to the main actors that make it up. The innovation ecosystem is a system of policies e regulations enablers, accessibility to financial capitalhuman capital informed, supportive markets, infrastructure, one culture innovation and entrepreneurship and resources of networkwhich all together support productive relationships between different actors and other parts of the ecosystem.

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Greenfield vs. Brownfield Investing in Africa: what are the differences?

In this article we will provide an analysis of the two modes of investment in Africa. Greenfield vs. Brownfield


So Greenfield vs. Brownfield which of the two modes is more convenient for the your company's investments in Africa?

The industrial zone of Kribi and other areas of economic interest in Central Africa normally see theestablishment of companies who wish to expand their interests internationally generally make direct investments in another country.

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