Inauguration of the Kribi-Lolabé highway in Central Africa costing FCFA 250 billion

With a length of 38.5 km, this road was financed with 250 billion Fcfa by Eximbank China up to 85% and 15% by the Chinese China Harbour Engineering Company.

inauguration of the kribi cameroon motorway 2022

This motorway infrastructure provides a solution to the fluidity of road transport of goods from the port of Kribi to all destinations in the domestic market and other neighbouring states.

More concretely, it is aimed in particular at improving the competitiveness of transport companies, from the autonomous port of Kribi.

This new highway, which will ensure the connection between this industrial port and the port of the city of the same name and the main hinterland cities, as well as the neighbouring countries, under the best possible safety conditions, will ease the transit movements in the city of Kribi, which are on the increase due to the industrialisation of the port hinterland.

Below is the video of the motorway inauguration.

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