The President of the Commonwealth Business Council is expected in Douala

Accompanied by the Commonwealth-approved business network, Lord Jonathan Peter Marland will meet the business community in Douala on 12 October 2022.

After several successive hearings with the Prime Minister and some members of the government (Minepat, Mincommerce, Minpmeesa, Minfi, Minsanté, Minesec, Mintransport, etc.), Lord Jonathan Peter Marland, the Marland, the President of the Commonwealth Business and Investment Council (Cweic), is expected in Douala on 12 October. During his time in the economic sector in Duala, the economic capital of Cameroon, will hold consultations with the Cameroonian private sector, consular institutions and public enterprises. On his agenda, the British are expected to meet in turn.

The agenda includes meetings with officials from the Autonomous Port of Douala (Pad), the Cameroon National Council of Freight Forwarders (Cnc), the CAC and the
(Cnc), the Ccima (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Trade).

Lord Jonathan Peter Marland will also stop at the Groupement inter patronal du Cameroun (Gicam), the Syndicat des.

According to reports, he will also be a member of the Union of Cameroonian Industrialists (Syndustricam) and the agribusiness company Azur S.A.

The modern Commonwealth, an association of 56 countriesmost of which have historical ties to the UK, also represents a significant economic opportunity for the country.

During the day, the Cameroonian productive sector will be presented with the access to finance, new technologies and innovation of the... without too many insubstantial words made by other investors.

These meetings are an important instrument of opportunity that Lord Jonathan Peter Marland is presenting is the Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF), a Cweic flagship event held on the sidelines of the Commonwealth General Assembly.

Meeting of the institution's heads of state and government. "The CBF is designed to provide a space for high-level dialogue between business and government leaders in the industry.
Government leaders of the Commonwealth. The Forum also aims to develop stronger partnerships to ensure that the Commonwealth plays its role in promoting sustainable growth in the world,' says Cweic.

Cweic is the Commonwealth's accredited business network which provides its strategic partners and members with targeted business missions, business forums and networking events, networking events leadership webinars, tailored investment programmes and strategic presentations to support members in acquiring new business globally.

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