25 May Africa Day

La Africa Day occurs annually on 25 May, the anniversary of the founding of theOrganisation of the African unit (called since 2002 African Union) founded on 25 May 1963day on which the leaders of 30 of the continent's 32 independent states signed the statute ad Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia. However, the name and date of Africa Day was retained as a celebration of African unity.

Today 25 May, at 10 a.m., Minister Luigi Di Maio will open the 'Africa Day' at the Farnesina, which commemorates the anniversary of the birth of the Organisation of African Unity (founded on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa and which became the African Union in 2002). This year's edition will be dedicated to African literature.

The Ambassador to Rome of the Republic of Senegal, Papa Abdoulaye Seck, the country holding the rotating presidency of the African Union, will also speak at the opening, while Deputy Minister Sereni will close the proceedings, which will be streamed on MAECI's YouTube channel.

What is African Sickness

It is said only those who have been there can understand. Those who have not been there can only imagine. If on the one hand it is a condemnation, on the other it is undoubtedly a blessing. We are talking about the so-called 'Africa sickness', the feeling of strong nostalgia for the Dark Continent (which celebrates its day, Africa Day, on 25 May every year).

AFRICA It is considered the cradle of humanitythe land where our species took its first steps and then spread across the planet (modern humans arrived in Europe some 40,000 years ago, a blink of an eye from the point of view of the planet's history), we are talking about Africa.

In addition to the event on 25 May, the Farnesina is organising for 26 May:

1) An event, in partnership with the Intercultural Service of the Libraries of Rome, on the contribution to the Italian literary scene made by Afro-descendant authors, to be held at the Nelson Mandela Library in Rome and featuring talks by Espérance Hakuzwimana, Pap Khouma and Takoua Ben Mohamed, moderated by Ingy Mubiayi.

2) A webinar of the Italian Cultural Institutes of Dakar, Pretoria, Nairobi and Addis Ababa to be held from 18:00 (Italian time), with the participation of Italian university professors who are experts in African literature.

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