Russia-Ukraine War Cameroon is Neutral

After Cameroon signed the defence agreement with Russia on 12 April this year, the Western press went wild with a thousand hypotheses as to why the Cameroon Central African country decided to take a Neutral stance without taking sides for this or that country in the war.

The spin doctors of the western pressThey went out of their way to say and declare that the Central African country would gravitate to the Russian sphere after this signing.

The powerful manipulators of information they made up a lot of more or less true reasons. Agreements for metals, agreements for arms supplies etc... but is it all true what they wrote? And why did they do it?

Because Cameroon renewed a document that had already been concluded between the two countries before the start of the war in Ukraine, that is, the two countries agreed to continue the report started in 2015 that provides in addition to the military aspects for keep the area safe from Islamic Jihad terroristsother areas such as military topography etc., the parties expanded the agreement and decided to exchange experience, information and interact in peace support operations under the aegis of the United Nations.

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In this regard, it was Cameroonian President Paul Biya himself who clarified Cameroon's position (central africa) during the joint press conference held on 26 July 2022 in Yaoundé with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, who is on an official visit to the country.

'Our minister's trip to Russia had no connection with the war in Ukraine, we are in the habit of signing such agreements and in this case we renewed an agreement that had come to an end',

Said the chairman Paul Biya, who has maintained a neutral and detached position from the conflict with regard to the Russian invasion. Pressed by the French press who asked him about his country's position towards the 'Russia-Ukraine' war, President Biya reiterated but the African position and his country's interest in maintaining good relations with foreign economies for the development of Central Africa.

russia cameroon agreement paul biya cameroon central africa ukraine war will have nothing to do with it

The far-sighted president Paul Biya then commented ironically on the suspicions raised by various governments and the international press about the military agreement signed on 12 April, just days after the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

It is no secret that the Government of Cameroon has bilateral relations with many countries including Italy... in fact, President Paul Biya said ironically:

"Russia certainly does not need Cameroon's support," said the Cameroonian Head of State. "Such agreements like the one signed on 12 April are 'quite normal' in the framework of the bilateral relations Yaoundé has with other countries such as 'Spain, China and many others'.

During his visit to the capital of Cameroon Yaoundé, enjoying the country's 'neutrality', President Macron denounced Russia's use of the food crisis as a 'weapon of war', rejecting circulating speculation that sanctions put in place by Western bloc countries, of which Italy is a member, were to blame.

Cameroon, like other developing countries in Central Africa are currently suffering the storm of rising oil, fertiliser and food prices, the sanctions issued by European governments against Russia, in Africa are seen as the cause of the economic and production storm that is also affecting the Dark Continent.

macron and paul biya cameroon central africa

The French leader further stated:

"We are accused by some who say that European sanctions against Russia are the cause of the world food crisis, including in Africa. This is totally false,' he commented. 'Food, like energy, has become weapons of war in the hands of Russia... Today, we Europeans must help the African continent by helping the continent's economic development and production for itself.

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