The United Nations supports Cameroon's efforts with a donation of over one billion FCFA

The United Nations (UN) have made available to the Cameroon to encourage government efforts to promote local governance. This is stated in a press release made public on 7 January by the United Nations.

To believe the assessments made by some analysts, the UN gesture is good news, a breath of fresh air for Cameroon. Indeed, the UN has just released the sum of USD 2.2 million, or a value of almost FCFA 1.293 billion.

According to the UN press release, the money is made available by the Peacebuilding Fund under the coordination of the UN Secretary General. The fund released primarily aims to provide a boost to the Cameroonian government in improving the living conditions of the population, while strengthening the strategic pillars of local governance. There is also talk of ensuring social cohesion.

Fund Management

The UN press release gives details of the bodies responsible for managing this money. It says that the management of these funds is of competence of the United Nations agencies based in Cameroon. These are mainly the United Nations Food Organisation (FAO), the United Nations Population Fund.

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