Lom Pangar Dam: EDC announces completion by early January 2021

Dr Théodore Nsangou, Director-General of the electricity development companymade the announcement after his recent visit to the hydroelectric dam site.

Despite the other dam sites entrusted to the Electricity Development Company (EoC), the Dr Théodore Nsangou does not give up that of Lom Pangar located in the eastern region. On 10 December 2019, he descended on the said site. In front of the press, he presented the merits of his visit.

"This visit had a threefold objective. To see first-hand that the dam is full of water, that it has reached the exceptional capacity of 6 billion 200 thousand m3 and that there will be no problems regulating the Sanaga River during this dry season. This visit also allowed us to carry out the technical pre-acceptance of the dam before the final acceptance which was scheduled for 2019 " said Dr Théodore Nsangou.

Recall that the Lom Pangar Dam has been in operation since 2015, after its partial seizure. Located 120 km from Bertoua in the eastern region, now increases the low flow rate at Song Loulou to 1040 m3 / s, while guaranteeing an additional 120 Megawatts of guaranteed power on downstream hydropower plants. During his visit, the CEO of EoC noted with satisfaction that all dam functions are already operational.

"In particular, I checked the automatic operation of the surface and bottom valves, visited the monitoring device, and ensured the general cleaning of the dam before its final commissioning ... It was also an opportunity to " make sure that all conditions are met to start cementing the footings. The entire system is in place and we believe it will be done by the end of this year. This will allow us to stay on schedule before November 2021," he added.

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