The Ministry of Trade in Cameroon supports the AEDIC association

The Cameroon Ministry of Commerce has decided to support the AEDIC association with all government institutions interested in the progress and development of economic and cultural relations between Cameroon and Italy.

On 28 May 2019 the Cameroonian Ministry of Trade after a close meeting with the President Louis Michel Nekam made the decision to help the association AEDIC and support it in the search for suitable partners to develop a path of investment and progress between Italian and Cameroonian entrepreneurs.

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Therefore, the Minister of Trade decided to write no less than 8 letters of introduction to the AEDIC project asking the institutions concerned to actively participate in helping and develop the project quickly.

In addition to the ministry, local institutions are responding very well to this clear and precise impulse from politics.

Therefore, the Chamber and Commerce of Duala (Cameroon's economic capital) will send a delegation to Italy.

The official delegation of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture will consist of:

  • Mr Tany Jacob Tachot as Secretary General
  • Mr. Mbemekou Mossus Joseph Position Director
  • 10/15 companies and businessmen

The mission is to conclude a memorandum of understanding between CCIA Cameroon and entrepreneurs, business associations, consortia of companies, chambers of commerce and productive sectors in Cameroon interested in the economic exchange for development and progress between Italy and Cameroon.

The mission also plans to organise a Forum and B2B between SMEs interested in signing JVAs or finding development partners between Italy and Cameroon

In this  doc. you will find that our association Accredited at the Italian Embassy and the Cameroon Ministry of Commerce, which is supporting the association at the Duala Chamber and Commerce and other local institutions in Cameroon

The interesting market segments for Cameroonian companies are:

  • Livestock sector
  • Agricultural sector
  • Alternative energies
  • Machines and plants for the chocolate industry
  • Design of new and used plants / presses for thermoplastic moulding and industry in general
  • Banking, financial
  • Real estate, construction
  • Interior design
  • Industrial electricity
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Fashion clothes production
  • Packaging and product wrapping machines

If you are interested in participating in the forum or finding out more, please fill in the forum below

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