Yaoundé: electricity rationing following a huge rupture causes inconvenience to the population

(Invest in Cameroon) - An important part of the population of the city of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, now lives with alternating power outages. ENEO, the organisation responsible for the distribution of electricity, whose first shareholder is Actis, a major British private equity firm, issued a statement explaining that one of its main power plants in the city had been burnt down, causing grid interruption

”  A plan to rotate electricity supply will extend gradually decreasing until the end of the month  ” , yes reads the communiqué. In fact, the crisis situation is expected to last between two and six months, the time it will take to rebuild the shipping position. In the meantime, the lack of precise information on the rotation schedule is not without its drawbacks.

In the university district, which is home to small and medium-sized reprographics services, the promoters have blamed the coup for more than six consecutive days without a clear explanation.Some have already chosen to switch to generators, but for the vast majority, we are already taking stock of the losses. Many other small economic actors who depend on electricity declare their concern.

No cause has been given as to the origins of the fire. But the people living near this post do not seem surprised, because the installations were perceived as very old. It is difficult to know who of the purchasing shareholder or the state had the responsibility to invest in the renewal of the equipment. The specifics of the concession are not public.

Access to energy remains a major challenge in Cameroon. Many government initiatives, both in terms of investment and improvement of the legislative framework, have been implemented, but their effectiveness is still expected. Many locations in peri-urban areas still lack flowing electricity, and in the major cities of Yaoundé and Douala, cuts remain frequent.

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