President AEDIC Association Louis Michel Nekam

Who is Louis Michel Nekam?

He is president of the A.E.D.I.C. association and Secretary General of the ACIA Associationdoors are opening in industrial platforms in Central Africa thanks to him. He is a great connoisseur of the African reality.


He is a teacher of Italian, a graduate in mathematics and physics, a translator and negotiation interpreter and has been working for several years with local institutions and entrepreneurs to give structure and shape to the bridge for economic and cultural development between Italy and Cameroon. Speaks perfect Italian (has B2 certified by UNI Siena)French and English.

The President of AEDIC Louis Michel NekamThanks to his mastery of the Italian language, he maintains international relations with all African countries to develop business and institutional relationships in the path of international cooperation.

President Louis Michel Nekam, did an internship at the Italian Embassy Consular Office in Cameroon from 01 March 2015 to 31 December 2015, from that experience A.E.D.I.C. was born.

Thanks to its continuous and constant work, the Decentralised international cooperation between Italy and Cameroon leads to the realisation of several initiatives sponsored by the Cameroonian Ministries of Agriculture and Trade and supported in Italy by various Italian organisations and institutions.

In the 2019 pre-pandemic year covid, thanks to the constant work of AEDIC members and its president, several events are being sponsored in cooperation with the Lombardy Region, A.I.C.E. and Confidustria.

In the image you can see the flyer of the Economic Forum between Italy and Cameroon 2019 sponsored by the Lombardy region.

In the photo of some participants at the Economic Forum between Italy and Cameroon hosted by Confidustria in Milan.

In the centre of the photo President Louis Michel Nekam insieme al Vice-Presidente e imprenditori italiani di diversi production sectors of Confindustria e del mondo finanziario europeo e istituzionale del Camerun, come l’Agenzia portuale di Kribi (PAK) the deep-water port of central Africa.

The PAK has made itself available to host companies interested in promoting economies of scale in the area tax free dedicated to internationalisation and FDI and joint ventures in that area.


Yaoundè 2019 - In the centre of the photo The President Louis Michel Nekam hosted by the Presidency of the Chamber of Agriculture of Cameroon, ended the meeting for decentralised international cooperation for the development of opportunities for Italian companies operating in the Agriculture 4.0 sector. The meeting was attended by mayors of Cameroon interested in hosting Italian companies for the development of agriculture in Cameroon


PROMOS Italy 2019 - Pictured from left to right The deputy mayor of the metropolitan city of Bertoua Dr. Richard Messe Mpeng , The AEDIC Vice President Roberto de Bortoliwife and the Secretary of the CAPEF Dr. Tany tachot Jacob (Cameroon Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture), in the centre of the photo, the representative of PROMOS Italy Dr Manlio Illumi, Representative of the ASS.Business Woman of Cameroon, Representative of the ASS. Business Man of the CIAD, Louis Michel Nekam President AEDIC.


Pictured here is the president of AEDIC in Italy together with the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture visiting an Italian intensive agricultural production in northern Italy.

Managing change and your expansion in Africa calmly and professionally

Thanks to important bilateral recognitions and collaborations with institutions, port agencies etc, for your economic breakthrough in Africa, AEDIC offers the opportunity to enter a safe harbour, with tax benefits and tax relief for 10 years, concessions and low cost of highly educated skilled labour in central location in AFRICA.

When you have decided to act, we provide you with all the essential risk management tools throughout the investment lifecycle.


Aedic with its consultants gives you the opportunity to enter Central Africa and take a position where the industrial city of Kribi is being built.

Watch this video to better understand what we are talking about.

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