Cameroon: Unpaid taxes and invoices 67 companies threatened with customs blockade

Bolloré is one of the companies questioned and at risk of a customs blockade.

Edwin Fongod Nuvaga the Director-General of Customshe intervened himself. He asked 67 companies to comply with the law. These companies are multinationals and agribusinesses.

Others include major companies such as: Bolloré Africa Logistics, Cotton Development Company (Sodecoton), Razel Cameroon, Arabe Contractors Cameroon, Viettel Cameroon, Les Laboratoires Biopharma, Aéroports du Cameroun (Adc), Guinness SA, Maersk Cameroun SA, Hevea Cameroon (Hevecam), Cameroon oil Transportation Co .

Most of these companies produce consumer food and other commonly used products.

What is happening is that it has been noted that the companies mentioned are not paying customs duties as required by current legislation. However, the Customs Department has set up procedures to ensure that their goods do not get stuck. It now turns out that companies have the possibility of receiving their products without paying duties but can pay them later. With this possibility, they avoid financial losses due to damages and can easily pay their fees later. However, a service is added to allow the state to regain possession of its rights. However, these companies later refuse to pay, thus accumulating unpaid invoices and fees that prevent the General Directorate of Customs from achieving its objectives.

The newspaper L'Anecdote, also covering this case, reports that:

"the DGD (General Directorate of Customs) has been instructed to make further efforts to recover revenue in accordance with the objectives of the economic and financial programme with the Monetary Fund to increase non-oil revenue in order to curb the effects of the oil crisis and the dependence on this resource".

Therefore, the director prescribed the strengthening of surveillance, the monitoring of the clearance of suspensive regimes, the improvement of the quality of service to users, and the improvement of the collection of customs duties and taxes.

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