Airborne Troop Battalion routs Boko Haram in Lebialem

Fight against terrorism: Elements of the Airborne Troop Battalion rout attackers at Lebialem
The valiant soldiers of the Cameroonian army, in seven against 15 terrorists, managed to neutralise a group of fifteen terrorists, armed and dressed in camouflage suits, who had set themselves the goal of destroying the supplies and gifts offered by the presidential couple to the population.

As it turned out, the terrorists wanted to attack the victims of the disaster and steal the donations collected to support the people affected by the disaster.

Unfortunately for them, the BTAP was in place to protect property and people and, for once, the attackers did not have the opportunity to show their monstrosity.

According to security sources: 

"They intended to violently strike, surprise, destroy and murder their countrymen and then hide in the forest ... Our soldiers were deployed to prevent them from entering the forest and neutralise them ...".

The ceremony was therefore able to continue peacefully and those who had been chosen to receive the donations from the Head of State and his wife were able to take possession of their shares in complete peace.

The fight against terrorism will be intensified during this year 2020

Some time after putting the terrorists on the run, who possess advanced weapons, which are certainly given to them by individuals hiding in the shadows and whose ambition is to shed the blood of innocents, the BTAP soldiers and their comrades set out to wipe out and search every nook and cranny of the forest, in order to move and destroy the camps of this bloodthirsty horde of outlaws.

The fight against terrorism is also one of the important points in the President of the Republic's speech last Tuesday, when he addressed his fellow citizens as part of his traditional speech at the end of the year.

Paul Biya stated:

"The criminal activity of armed groups continues to disrupt public, economic and social life in these regions. However, various measures have been taken in recent months to motivate these young people, most of whom have been indoctrinated. In particular, calls have been made to lay down arms and prospects for social reintegration have been opened up.

For those who persist in remaining on the wrong path and continue to use violence, we will have no choice but to fight them to protect all our fellow citizens. Our defence and security forces will once again do their duty with restraint, but without weakness. Here I want to assure them of my full support and highest consideration ... ".

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