Piccini promises to pay over FCFA 550 million in salary arrears owed to Olembe sports complex employees

Almost a month after his stay in Cameroon last July, Makonnen Asmaronpresident of the Italian Piccin Groupi, signed a message on 15 August. It pledged to reimburse the wages owed to people who worked on the Olembe sports complex site on the outskirts of Yaounde.

The President of Piccini indicates that the payment of these salary arrears to all rights holders will be made in a staggered manner. As such, a first tranche in the amount of FCFA 250 million will be paid as of 23 August 2019. The second, an amount of FCFA 300 million, will be paid by the end of August 2019. This represents a total of FCFA 550 million. "The rest by the end of September 2019," , promises Makonnen Asmaron.

Furthermore, the President of Piccini confirms that technical measures have been taken to restart construction of the Olembe sports complex. In fact, for several weeks, work was interrupted due to cash tensions and repeated strikes. What prompted Makonnen Asmaron to meet with Cameroon's Minister of Finance (Minfi), Louis Paul Motaze, in Yaoundé on 24 July?

It would appear from various rumours that Minfi was asked to sign a surety agreement to obtain financing from local banks to speed up the work. The press is still waiting to hear what happened to this request.

As part of the 2019 African Cup of Nations (CAN) that was lost by Cameroon, Piccini won the contract to build a sports complex, including a 60,000-seater stadium in Olembe, for a total of FCFA 163 billion. The infrastructure that was supposed to be delivered in September 2018 is yet to be completed.

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