Fight against Boko Haram: a 25-year-old Cameroonian designs a solar drone

With this solar drone, it will be possible to monitor borders and fight insecurity.

It is a great revolution and innovation. It is also and above all a very important support in the fight against the terrorist sect Boko Haram, which has been disrupting the lives of Cameroonians living in the Far North region for many good years. Borel Teguia , a young engineer of renewable energies knows the situation in the far north very well. And he is strong that he wanted at his level to contribute to the fight against this terrorist sect.

"After going to high school in the far north of Cameroon and constantly seeing many families forced to leave their homes because of the war, I told myself that something had to be done. Because there is nothing more horrible than war and nothing more important than a human life. That is how I started working on this miniature device that could fly, take images that could be viewed in real time and better monitor the borders of Cameroon. I wanted, so to speak, to give the Cameroonian sky an eye that monitors its borders,' he tells the microphone of our colleague Sputnik.

Borel Teguia therefore designed and built this solar drone studying his designs.

"I realised that there were problems as important as surveillance, all over the African continent. Drones would be a solution. Today, drones are involved in agriculture, telecommunications, health, film, construction, art and culture. An advantage for our company,

It should be noted that the use of UAVs is becoming increasingly important in Africa. In addition to being effective and useful in the fight against terrorism, drones can serve the African continent in areas such as health. They can be used to distribute drugs, treatments, medical tests and vaccines to rural populations far from major hospitals. In the agricultural sector, they can be used to monitor crop trends and prevent dangers. They can also be useful in the field of security.

So, to continue with his project, engineer Borel Teguia, a renewable energy graduate, decided to start a fundraising operation.

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