Cameroon plans to undertake a space programme, as do South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Angola

Development in Africa - Will there be a space programme in Cameroon? Apparently, the Central African country wants to equip itself with satellites flying the Cameroonian flag.

Dr Minette Libom Li Likeng, Minister of Posts for Telecommunications 

(Minpostel), signed a decision on 17 July on the organisation and operation of a working group to conduct the feasibility study for a space programme in Cameroon (Camspace).

The group is responsible for providing, among other things, data on the country's ability to conduct such a programme, investigating the procedures for implementing satellite networks, the human resources required, the environmental impact study. conduct, evaluation of implementation costs and economic viability.

Cameroonian experts come from around 20 administrations and organisations in the following fields:

  • higher education,
  • telecommunications,
  • research,
  • agriculture,
  • national security,
  • environment,
  • mining and technology, etc.
Minister Minette Libom Likeng

This working group, says Minette Libom Likeng, will be automatically dissolved as soon as the general report is submitted to Minpostel, which must be submitted no later than two months after validation by the Interministerial Committee for the Allocation of Frequency Bands.

If the space programme is realised, Cameroon will join African countries such as South Africa, Ghana, Angola, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria or Rwanda, which already have their. own satellites.

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