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9 January 2022 - The African Cup of Nations kicks off: It will be played in Cameroon

Do you remember the stadium in Yaoundè. Yes that stadium not others, the one named after Paul Biya the president of Cameroon.

Lo stadium Paul Biya is a sports facility of Yaoundé, in Cameroonin record time was built and delivered by the Italian company Maeg constructions and hosted the first game of the African Cup of Nations.

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pope francesco's visit to africa

His Holiness Pope Francis in AFRICA video of the return conference...

Video conference on the return of His Holiness Pope Francis' trip to Africa.

The Church of Pope Francis starts again in Africa.

In the episode of Sunday 15 September, 9.15 am, Rai Due, Sulla Via di Damasco recounts the journey of Pope Francis to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius, retracing the stages and gestures of a pastoral visit marked by hope, peace and reconciliation. In the company of Eva Crosetta, an expert on "Africa" - as she prefers to call them, in the plural - Comboni missionary and journalist, Fr. Giulio Albanese.

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Popes in Africa: Benedict XVI in Cameroon, Angola and Benin

Two of the twenty-four international apostolic journeys were to Africa

During the almost eight years of his pontificate, Benedict XVI made 24 international apostolic journeys, two of them to Africa.

The first time the successor of John Paul II visited the African continent was in 2009From 17 to 23 March, Benedict XVI travelled to Cameroon and Angola. On that occasion, the Pope wanted to link the trip to the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops, which would be celebrated the following October in the Vatican.

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Cardinal Tumi advocates a return to federalism as a solution to the English-speaking crisis

Cardinal Christian Tumi, Archbishop Emeritus of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese, former editor of the weekly L'Effort Cameroon founder, in 2003, of Radio Veritas, calls for a federal system to end the crisis that is shaking the north-west and south-west regions of Cameroon.

former editor of the weekly L'Effort Cameroon , founder of Radio Veritas in 2003.

The main organiser of the English General Conference, CGA, told the Catholic news site Crux Now that, in the face of the deepening crisis, the reintroduction of a federal form of government can keep united Cameroon .

"At reunification, I was 32 years old. I opted for federalism, and it is in my blood," said Tumi. The corporate demands of lawyers and teachers turned into fighting between government forces and gunmen. The situation killed at least 2,000 people, according to human rights groups.

The government estimates that approximately 152,000 people were displaced by hostilities and that no less than 104,000 have received government assistance .

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Yaoundé: City security police inaugurate new command centre for video surveillance

The inauguration ceremony of this monitoring centre took place on 22 August 2019 in the Etoudi district of Yaoundé.

Yaoundé: City security police inaugurate new command centre for video surveillance

Security in the capital Yaoundé will be strengthened thanks to the new surveillance centre to be inaugurated today. Christian Ndoua Zé, Head of the Communications Division at the General Delegation for National Security (Dgsn), indicates that with this centre, the capital's CCTV system will increase from 70 control cameras at its launch, to almost 2,000 at present. The infrastructure in the administrative district was equipped with electric generators. This means that it has guaranteed autonomy and can provide the service for which it was built without any problems.

It should be noted that with this new video surveillance command centre, the Cameroonian police are entering a new phase of protecting the territory from crime, protecting the national territory and in particular the city of Yaoundé.

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Cameroon - Paul Biya a strong confirmation in the elections


Presidential elections in Cameroon: Paul Biya was reconfirmed and elected for the seventh time. <>

paul biya elections 2018 victory in cameroon

Announced by the Constitutional Court of Cameroon through its President Clement Atanganawho read out the results during a ceremony held at the Yaounde Conference Centrefollowed live by state broadcaster CRTV

Which you can see below

In the past President Paul Biya worked together with his staff to put the country on the road to progress both in the agricultural sector and in facilitating industrial development.

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Balottelli's Ex Fanny Neguesha in Cameroon among the orphans

fanny balotelli's ex in Douala, cameroonMario Balotelli's ex-girlfriend Fanny Neguesha flew to Cameroon for a humanitarian trip with the sole purpose of doing good.

Fanny Neguesha travelled to Cameroon, to Doula, the country's south-western city, the largest urban centre and capital of the Littoral region and the department of Wouri, to experience a humanitarian trip with the aim of doing some good for the neediest people.

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