Cattle breeding in Cameroon: Coopex Montbéliarde wins contract for FCFA 541 million

A contract for the progressive acquisition of dairy and breeding cows was signed between Cameroon and the French company Coopex Montbéliarde. Contract amount, EUR824,881, or FCFA 541,086,595.

According to the information made available by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (Minepia), the signing of this contract stems from the successful implementation of actions under the Livestock Development Project (Prodel). It concerns in particular the genetic improvement of cattle breeds at local level.

We find that Prodel has already promoted the training of 35 inseminators in the context of artificial insemination activities. Positive aspects gained pending implementation of the partnership with the French company.

Note that in Cameroonuntil 31 October 2019, animal production is about 345,879 tonnes of meat (beef, pork, goat, sheep and poultry).

all this meat came from controlled slaughtering. In detail, 9,456 tonnes of table eggs, 199,047 tonnes of milk and honey production was 9,298 tonnes.

It should also be noted that, for its part, the Society for the Development and Exploitation of Animal Production (Sodepa) was able to slaughter 153,863 head of cattle in the slaughterhouses of Yaoundé, Douala and Ngaoundéré, or 23,079.45 tonnes of meat supplied by the consumer society.

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