Cameroon: Italy a key investment partner in Central Africa

paul biya and president sergio mattarella2017"For Italy, Cameroon is a priority partner, and the collaboration that is developing is a source of great satisfaction and a goal of great importance for us".

thus President Sergio Mattarella said at the end of a meeting at the Quirinale with Cameroonian Head of State Paul Biya on a visit to Italy.

In his speech, Mattarella emphasised the close cooperation on the economic level also demonstrated by the numerous participation of Italian companies in a systemic business mission held in Yaoundé the month before President Paul Biya's visit.

'Even on a cultural level, between Cameroonian and Italian universities, which are intensifying and developing, there is a very intense exchange,' said the Italian Head of State. 'Many Cameroonian students study in our universities, and this is an element that projects our friendship into the future.


Biya's visit to Italy is the first by a Cameroonian Head of Stateexactly one year after the one made in the African nation by President Sergio Mattarella, who was the First President of the Italian Republic to visit Cameroonand also thanks to these two occasions, relations between the respective countries, Biya said, have had an 'vigorous impulse'.

After all, Mattarella said again, 'Cameroon and Italy pursue and are inspired by common values in their actions: democracy, peace, tolerance, regional stability and cooperation with other countries,' stressing in conclusion that 'Cameroon faces complex challenges, in many respects similar to those faced by Italy: counter-terrorism, migration governance. These are also issues that drive both the cooperation between Cameroon and Italy and that between Cameroon and the European Union. It is a condition in which our friendship is further registered'.

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