Cameroon: over 100 billion CFA Francs to build and rehabilitate water infrastructure in 13 cities


camwater government corporation for drinking waterYaoundè - Partly funded by Great Britain, the project will improve the supply of drinking water for at least 40,000 people.

Water mains will soon be built or rehabilitated in 13 cities across the country. Commercial support of  USD 201 million (over FCFA 100 billion) related to it was signed some time ago between the British company Buy Water and the Cameroon Water Services Company (CAMWATER).

Camwater was established in December 2005 from the ashes of the National Water Company of Cameroon (Snec), Camwater, with hundreds of agents, has as its mission the research and monitoring of investments, asset management and control of the activities of the operating company responsible for project implementation.

[sociallocker id="2605″]The implementation of this project was reviewed on 14 February 2018 in Douala during a meeting at CAMWATER headquarters between Harriett Baldwin, British Minister of Foreign Affairsresponsible for Africa and the Commonwealth and Gervais Bolenga, general manager of CAMWATER.

The implementation of this project, which is part of the improved drinking water supply, will have a positive impact on more than 40,000 people who will see their living conditions improved.

"This is a project that has the support of UK Expo Finance and is the first project to be implemented in this context in Cameroon. A historic moment in the partnership between our two countries "

said the British minister.[/sociallocker].

Camwater launched an ambitious investment programme worth over 400 billion CFA francs (610 million euros), more than half of which has already been spent. And, two years later, it is clear that the projects have multiplied.

The construction and commissioning in June 2010 of the drinking water treatment plant Yato, along the Mungo River (Coastal Region), has made it possible to provide Douala with an additional 50 000 m3 of drinking water every day. The second phase of this project, financed by a credit of 44.6 billion CFA Camwater francs granted in 2009 by the China Development Bank Eximbank, will increase the production of drinking water in Douala by an additional 100 000 m3 per day.

To achieve this goal, CAMWATER aims, among other things, to strengthen its equipment and infrastructure in order to improve and bring the water service to 85% nationwide by 2032, to which end the state company together with the ministry has organised a tender for the management and relocation. Information on tenders and contracts to this end is available to AEDIC members.

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