Investing in Central Africa: ALOE VERA

Aloe Vera: a natural plant with exceptional qualities

Still called Aloe Vera, a plant native to Africa and Asia has established itself in the daily life of the Cameroonian populations because of its many therapeutic and aesthetic virtues.

A natural plant, aloe vera has, according to traditional medicine, multiple virtues. Mahamat Damba, traditional healer in the small market of Yelwa in Garoua, he explains:

"I work a lot with Aloe Vera. Based on this plant, I, as a traditional doctor, treat the stomach and stomach pains. We put it in hot water to drink. Aloe Vera is also good for fighting typhus'.

Consumer Reviews

According to some consumers encountered in the city of Garoua, the use of this plant varies according to needs.

'Aloe vera is useful for maintaining the complexion. When I have skin problems, I use it as a gel. I simply remove the sap that I mix with the bath milk and apply it to the skin,' Martine Béatrice Néséka confides.

"Aloe Vera helps a lot. Although the taste is bitter, when you can drink a teaspoon, it helps with stomach complications. I plant Aloe Vera at home and make sure no one destroys it because it is a wonder of nature. All my young children in case of illness, I treat them with aloe Vera. Women also use it to heal their faces',

says Yadang Danzabé, who recognises the value of Aloe Vera.

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To benefit from the advantages of this plant, Firida has made aloe Vera her favourite crop:

"I planted aloe plants in Vera because they are essential for me. Often when I feel sick to my stomach, I boil some leaves, drink the resulting liquid and find healing instantly. When I have itchy rashes and pimples, Aloe Vera helps to destroy them. Several people come to my house to ask for it,' according to the testimony of Mubarak Laminou, father.

For salesman Nicolas, several products are made from Aloe Vera. "There is shampoo, soaps, toothpaste made from aloe vera. Thanks to its many virtues, aloe vera has won the hearts of its consumers who can no longer do without it.

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