Cameroon will present a project to the World Bank to bring electricity to 687 localities

Cameroon will present a project to the World Bank to electrify 687 localitiesInvesting in Cameroon - By December 2018, the government of Cameroon aims to present the World Bankto finance a project to electrify 687 locations in the country through the construction and rehabilitation of lines.

According to information revealed about this project during a seminar held last week in Yaoundethe country's capital, the rural electrification and energy access project in underserved areas in Cameroon (Perace), will be implemented in six regions of the country: North-West, South-West, Adamaoua, North, East-North and East.

The project is to bring the Perace out of obscurity and enable some 370,000 households to have electricity in their homes. The project needs as much as 130 billion CFA francs and should benefit from the financial support of other partners in Cameroon, such as the European Investment Bank.

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