190 km of roads in Cameroon are being renewed

investing in cameroon cameroon renovates 190 km of roads following CEROQ contractsInvesting in Cameroon - The PIDMA agricultural investment and market development project aimed to increase the production of maize, sorghum and cassava for the agri-food industries of the Cameroon and for which the World Bank disbursed 50 billion CFA francs will soon be added to the programme for the renewal of 190 kilometres of the country's rural roads to connect agricultural production basins to markets.

According to information gathered on 6 August 2018, during an awareness-raising seminar organised in MbalmayoIn the central region, five regions will be considered under this programme. These are precisely the centre, the south, the coast, the west and the northwest.

During the seminar, the World Bank and the PIDMA coordination unit decided that the work would be carried out following the CEROQ contracts (qualified maintenance and renovation contracts), which were considered by all to be less costly both in terms of time and money.

"This method is crucial for the country because it will help to enter second-generation agriculture".

said Thomas Ngué Bissa, the national coordinator of PIDMA.

Peter Tanifor, director of the World Bank's transport unit in the Central African region, explained that CEROQ contracts are about prioritising user-friendly renewal methods over classical methods.

"For example, if the Ministry of Agriculture indicates that in order to move products from Nguélémedouka (in the East) to Yaoundé (in the central region), the user only needs bicycles, the engineer will build roads suitable only for bicycles. In short, the road will be built according to the needs of the population',

so stated .

PIDMA managers also explained that during the test phase, they found competitive and acceptable costs for the project. The construction method will also help to adapt the works to ensure the profitability of the renovated rural road and avoid major variations between the works to be carried out, from planning to execution.

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