Cameroon The Nachtigal dam will save $ 100 million a year in electricity

Investing in Cameroon - The World Bank has high hopes for the ongoing construction project of the Nachtigal Dam (420 MW) in Cameroon.

besix wins contract to build hydroelectric power plant in cameroon investIn a note published on 19 July, the financial institution, the financier of the hydroelectric project, explains:

"When operational, the Nachtigal dam will save the country $ 100 million per year in production costs.

However, according to the World Bank, Nachtigal will be the next low-cost infrastructure on the Sanaga River. The aim is to improve the accessibility and reliability of renewable energy supply throughout the country.

"As part of a broader effort to reduce the cost of electricity and make it a sustainable resource, the dam will increase the installed capacity of the 30% and strengthen the supply of green energy "

says the World Bank.

The Nachtigal hydroelectric power station, located on the Sanaga River, 65 km north-east of Yaounde, the country's capital, costs approximately 656 billion FCFA and is co-financed as a public-private partnership (PPP). The government of Cameroon, Electricité de France (EDF) and the World Bank, through the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

In this regard, the IFC released, on 19 July, an investment of $ 794.5 million (about FCFA 447.17 billion) for the said hydropower project.

To be finished by 2020-2021, the dam will be the largest means of power generation in Cameroon.

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