Cacao 2019-2020 starts in Cameroon with prices above 1000 FCFA per kg

(Invest in Cameroon) - At the official start of the season of 2019-2020 cocoa in Cameroon, on 13 August 2019 in Sangmélima (southern region), producer prices stabilised between 1010 CFAF and 1050 per kilogramme.

cocoa beans

These prices revealed by the System Information (SIF) scores bode well at the beginning of the short rainy season, a period generally marked by falling prices as a result of difficulties in accessing production basins.

As a reminder, despite the insecurity that prevailed over the past 2 years in the South-West region (a large bean producing area), due to separatist claims, Cameroon completed the 2018-2019 cocoa season with an increase of marketed production of 4.2% to over 264 000 tonnes of beans.

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