Brewer SABC and Name Recycling launch plastic waste collection at universities in Cameroon

(Investing in Cameroon) - As part of their partnership to collect and recycle plastic waste in some of Cameroon's major cities, the SABC Group, the country's leading beer market and recycling company Namé Recycling , 22 October 2019, a collaboration with the University of Douala has been initiated.

The method implemented by the brewing and recycling company is to collect, process and recycle as much plastic waste as possible, to give it a second life and real economic value.

Thus, between 2017 and 2018, we learn officially that 38 million bottles or 1350 tonnes of waste were collected and recycled. For the first eight months of 2019, almost 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste was collected and processed.

According to the leader of the beer market in Cameroon, 

"these relics have enabled the manufacture of plastic utensils and other supplies, which are marketed in Cameroon and in IKEA shops abroad ".

The collaboration we started with the University of Douala, where we deposited a dozen Namébins (waste collection bins, editor's note), will continue with all the universities in Cameroon, with the aim of offering students a pleasant living environment, a source of intellectual fulfilment and performance “,

announces the SABC group.

The partnership between the SABC Group and Name Recycling is part of the implementation of the regulations in force in Cameroon. This requires each producer or distributor of non-biodegradable packaging to set up a take-back system for recyclingrecovery or disposal.

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