Investing in Cameroon works for 1,100 social housing houses in Garoua and Maroua

Société Immobilière du Cameroun plans to build 1,100 social houses in Garoua and Maroua invest in cameroonInvesting in Cameroon : Gabriel Bengono, executive director of the Société Immobilière du Cameroun , visited sites planned to house social housing in Maroua and Garoua, northern Cameroon.

According to the Director, the Maroua site is 5.5 hectares in Zokok Laddeo. It is supposed to house 400 social houses. The director indicated that studies and the search for funds to finance them are ongoing and that work should start soon. A good investment in Cameroon could be that of Garoua, the 4.5 hectare site is located in Koleré and is expected to house as many as 700 houses. In addition to these sites, Société Immobilière du Cameroun wants to renovate houses in Borno.

We note that under PLANUT, launched just over two years ago by Cameroon, 800 other social houses have already been built in Garoua and Maroua. According to the Ministry of Housing, work on PLANUT houses has been completed for the 45% in Maroua and the 40% in Garoua. The consortium companies in charge of construction were obliged by the authorities to complete the works by August 2018.

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