Telecommunications in Cameroon fined Orange and MTN

Local mobile telecommunications companies Orange and MTN in Cameroon were fined over $ 160 million in July 2019 for not paying taxes on gaming and gambling services.

The Central African country's anti-corruption commission announced on Wednesday.

An investigation in the industry led to fines totalling $ 283 million and found that other companies including Camtel and Viettel violated regulations.


The amount paid by each company was unclear and the companies were not immediately available for statements on the matter.

In the report, the telecommunications regulatory agency stated that MTN and Orange were also accused of not paying taxes on their money transfer system, known as Mobile Money.

The report is another blow to MTN , which is already contesting a $3.9 billion fine in Nigeria for failing to disconnect users with cards SIM not registered .

Le cards SIM unregistered can be used for criminal activities - a growing concern in Nigeria, which faces the threat of the militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

MTN ha practised pressure to have the fine reduced from $ 5.2 billion in December.

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