Investing in Central Africa - Cameroon - Immergas goes to AFRICA

Yesterday, a meeting on investment opportunities in the Republic of Cameroon was organised in Reggio Emilia by CNA Industria.

'Cameroon offers many opportunities,' the business delegates emphasised in a video conference from the capital Yaoundè, 'also in view of a major event such as the African Cup of Nations football tournament that will be hosted in Cameroon in 2019.

They are possible, since Cameroon's currency, the  Central African cfa franc is pegged to the euro, business partnerships, to set up production activities and entrepreneurial training programmes. The Italian small and medium-sized enterprise system can be a model for Cameroon's development'.

immergas in africa cameroon investAndrea Benassi, Coordinator at Immergas for International Business Development, accompanied by Sandro Zanichelli, Immergas Technical Marketing Consultant, commented positively on the outcome of the meeting.

"Immergas is not yet present in Cameroon," said Benassi, "but gas is available in the country and opportunities are opening up for air conditioning systems, for those dedicated to the production of domestic hot water (which is also needed for hospitals, schools and other public facilities). In addition ImmerEnergy can provide important know-how on renewable energy systems and energy efficiency.

Cameroon is a unitary republic in Equatorial Africaslightly larger than Italy, which has almost 24 million inhabitants.

"It is a politically and socially stable country, and this balance has enabled the development of agriculture, roads, railways and an important oil and timber industry," explained the Honorary Consul in Italy Ildo Morelli -It is led by President Paul Biya, who looks with great favour on collaborations with Italy.


Carretti-Alfeo-CNA Industry
President of CNA Industria Alfeo Carretti

"Companies in the Reggio Emilia area and in general in Emilia - concluded CNA Industria President Alfeo Carretti - can play an important card in Cameroon, before other competitors, and larger companies, such as Immergas, can act as a driving force for an entrepreneurial mission where all our companies' offerings can be brought together.
The contacts initiated will be developed in the coming months, starting with an invitation to the Consul of Cameroon for a visit to Immergas

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