Padua: Wigwam sponsors the 5th edition of the Cameroon Festival of Italy

Feast and Interchange, cultural and economic. The edition is held in Padua from 09 to 12 August 2018

wigwam-festival-cameroon-padova-2018 italy-cameroon cooperationCameroonians resident in Italy have formed an important and strong community for some years now, consisting of doctors, nurses, engineers, pharmacists, workers, students, athletes and many others.

Although they have different horizons, they have remained ambitious and all aspire, on the one hand, to a successful integration in the host country and, on the other, to consolidate ties with their homeland. Motivated by their love for Cameroon, their country of origin, they decided as a diaspora to create the association "Challenge Camerounais Italie".

Platform bringing together all Cameroonian citizens and sympathisers, resident in Italyto celebrate their culture and enhance the integration of both Cameroonian and Italian cultures; the Challenge Camerounais Italie "CCI" has as its main aim to foster peaceful cohesion between the two peoples, and serve as a prerequisite for the realisation of a fruitful and lasting exchange between Italy and Cameroon.

Among the activities of this association, the most important is the organisation on an annual basis and in shifts (between various cities where Cameroonians reside) of a socio-economic, cultural, sporting and intellectual festival of Cameroonians living in Italy called 'Festival Challenge". This is a series of events that brings together thousands of Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon from Italy and beyond (from all parts of the world). These are festive moments that allow participants to celebrate brotherhood and solidarity between peoples.

After the great success of the previous editions with the participation of around 1,500 people at each edition, the fifth edition aims to be not only a continuity but also a showcase and an opening towards the world, with a focus on the theme of integration. Hence this edition with the slogan "Cameroon Blessed Land"Cameroon blessed land" will be held from 09 to 12 August 2018 in Padua.


The forecast is an influx of around 3,000 people over four days of activities, including:

  • Conference debates: on integration
  •  Cultural performances
  • Experience Cameroonian culture through art exhibits, modern and traditional dance, fashion shows, theatre, live music, election of the Miss and Mister Challenge 2018 .
  • Sports Tournaments: Sport as a tool for integration and brotherhood with men's and women's football tournament, women's handball tournament, men's basketball tournament, men's and women's volleyball tournament
  • Exhibition stands: Exhibition stands of public or private partners presenting their products/services
  • Workshops and group work in professional associations or work for specific projects
  • Gastronomy and charity dinner: Tasting of typical dishes from Cameroon and Italy and dinner to raise funds for the construction of classrooms in some schools in Cameroon.
  • Children's play areas: To give the little ones the chance to experience the cultural riches of Cameroon through various games.
  • Gala evening with the participation of Cameroonian authorities and artists

Provisional programme

Thursday 09/08/2018

  • 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

- Conference and debates invest in Cameroon

Friday 10/08/2018

  • 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

- Exhibition of Stands

- Live music

  • 20:00 to 24:00 hours

- Cultural Evening

Saturday 11/08/2018

  • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Display of stands

- Exhibition of Art Objects

- Sports tournaments

- Gastronomy

- Different animations

  • From 20:00 until dawn (Gala)

- Awarding the winners

Miss Challenge 2018

Master Challenge 2018

Winners of various sports tournaments (football, basketball, volleyball, handball)

Winner of the Challenge Music Contest

- Live concert

Sunday 12/08/2018

  • 8:00 to 15:00 - Summary and Greetings

Institutions, bodies invited to participate in this initiative

-Cameroon Embassy in Italy

-Italian Embassy in Cameroon

- Cameroon Consulate in Florence

-Cameroon Consulate in Milan

-University of Padua

- Veneto Region

- Municipality of Padua

- Cameroonian Associations/Communities in Italian cities

-Cameroonian companies, cooperatives, associations and non-profit organisations

-Italian companies, cooperatives, associations and non-profit organisations


- Wigwam Clubs Italy (representing all 70 Italian Wigwam Local Communities)

Wigwam Local Community Ville de Yaoundé

Wigwam Local Community Ville de Douala


August 9-8 a.m.
The end:
August 12-23:30


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Italy - Gorizia

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