Nachtigal Dam Central Africa: Construction progresses at a rate of 14.5% in just 5 months

The hydroelectric company Nachtigal, the administrator of the project in September 2022, stated that the project has already been completed at 74.5%.

Last April, progress was estimated at 60%. Over the past few months, construction work has accelerated greatly, with the construction of the dam that will meet the energy consumption of the central region of Cameroon being completed at 74.5%.

La construction of the Nachtigal hydroelectric damlocated in Batchenga, is progressing at a steady pace. In the past five months, they have developed remarkably, according to data officialised by the Nachtigal hydro power company (Nhpo) at the end of September 2022.

The company managing the project indicates on its website that civil engineering works have already been completed for 74.5%. For the rest, the rate of progress recorded since the first April valuation is 14.5%.

In other words, the rate of progress recorded since the first evaluation in April 2005 is 14.5%, since at that time the site's execution rate was estimated at 4 60%. This is the best progress of works on the site to date.

This was the best progress of work on the site in the last ten months. In fact, at the end of the year 2021, when Energy Minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba visited the site, the completion rate was still at 51.7%.

The civil works still have to be completed, as does the electromechanical part, which has a completion percentage of 69.5%.

As far as the transmission line and the operating site lots are concerned, they have already been completed. The least that can be said is that work on the Nachtigal dam site has never progressed as quickly as it has in the last ten months.

Over the past two and a half years, the work programme had been severely disrupted by several contingencies, including the Covid-19 pandemic, which
inevitably caused delays in the execution of the work, there were also numerous strikes by employees demanding better working conditions.

The Nhpc company has been challenged on several occasions by NGOs and the affected local communities living in the area.

The objections to the project are related to the impact the dam will have on the environment and for other agreements that the company had made with the local people and which it has not fulfilled.

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